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Post Academic PSA: WRK4US is now The Versatile Ph.D.

Posted in Housekeeping,Transfer Your Skills by Arnold Pan on May 13, 2010
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We’ve mentioned the WRK4US listserv maintained by Paula Chambers, which is pretty much the best-known online resource for Ph.D.-types transitioning to work off the tenure-track.  Well, the listserv is in the midst of metamorphosing into The Versatile Ph.D., a website that still does all the things WRK4US did, but with more new features and a more accessible online interface.  The confidential email-delivered discussions are now happening on message boards, so you can participate at the website and opt out of receiving email updates if your inbox (like mine) is too cluttered.  Nonetheless, the discussions are still confidential, since you have to be a member of the Versatile Ph.D. community to participate.  If anything, networking and taking part in the good vibes of the helpful, supportive discussions are probably easier in this format, since there’s a list of participants and a search function for members on the website.  Basic membership is free and only requires some info about yourself.

It’s now also easier to access information like job postings and events, since they are tabbed at a menu at the top of the page.  There are more new projects in the works at the site, including a premium content area geared towards institutional members who can subscribe and gain access to non-academic job search info for their grad students.  Check it out for yourself, whether you’re a WRK4US veteran or a curious newbie looking for something to browse while you procrastinate from dissertating.

Resources: WRK4US listserv

Posted in Transfer Your Skills by Arnold Pan on March 15, 2010
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Many of you who’ve clicked your way here are probably familiar with the WRK4US listserv maintained by Paula Foster Chambers and hosted by Duke U.  But if you’re not and you’re interested in making a transition outside of academia or just even thinking about it, it’s definitely worth signing up for and checking out.  Billing itself as “the premier email discussion list on nonacademic careers for people with graduate degrees in Humanities, Education and Social science disciplines,” WRK4US functions as something of a clearinghouse for job announcements, an advice column on the nuts-and-bolts of applying for jobs, and a support group for academics who want to–or hafta–look into a new line of work.

Registration is required to join the listserv and the discussions that occur therein are confidential and closed to its members.  Since you need to log into the Duke Mailing List Manager to access the archives, the email interface is not exactly the most efficient way to make use of all the resources available at WRK4US.  But the listserv format does have a distinct advantage of creating a open forum for those participating in the discussion and for producing a close-knit camaraderie with people you might not otherwise have any contact with, across disciplines and across the country.  It’s easy to start up threads, whether it’s about the post/academic experience or practical, focused questions about applying for jobs.

To join, go to the WRK4US page at the Duke Mailing List Manager site below and follow the directions to become a new user.  After signing up, the archive info for WRK4US will appear in the left-hand column below your log-in, which you can browse in addition to the emails you will receive covering the current topics of discussion.

WRK4US Home Page and Archives, at the Duke Mailing List Manager site (registration req’d)