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Event Alert! Susan Basalla, author of “So What Are You Going to Do with That?” at UCI 5/13

For any So Cal Post Academics reading the blog, Susan Basalla, co-author of the go-to Hamster World transition guide So What Are You Going to Do with That?, will be speaking on the UC Irvine campus this Thursday  5/13 .  Sponsored by the UC Irvine Career Center, the event is titled “How to Get a Non-Academic Job, Even if You Aren’t Sure You Want One”–and they’re giving away free copies of the very helpful book for the first 100 attendees.  Don’t know if you have to be a UCI student to get a book, but I can’t imagine they’ll check ID–it’s not like we’re in Arizona or anything!  I’m planning on attending–child-care arrangements pending–and I’ll wear something garish if you’re a reader of the blog and wanna say hi.

Here’s the relevant info again…

WHO: Susan Basalla, co-author of So What Are You Going to Do With That?

WHEN: Thursday 5/13 at 4 PM-5:50 PM

WHERE: UC Irvine campus, Doheny Beach A conference room in the Student Center.  Here’s a map of campus; there’s very expensive parking in a structure next to the Student Center.

WHAT ELSE: Free books for the first 100 folks who show up!

We’re rerunning our write-up for So What Are You Going to Do with That? for anyone interested after the jump…


Another book Post Academic likes: So What Are You Going to Do with That?

Since we’re on the topic of post-academic books, it’s probably a good time to tout So What Are You Going to Do with That?, a helpful how-to guide for Ph.D.s interested in transitioning from academia to the hamster world, whether willingly or not.  It’s usually the first title mentioned when Ph.D.s and ABDs ask about what options are out there for them and don’t know where or how to start looking.

Written by two Princeton lit Ph.D.s, Susan Basalla and Maggie Debelius, the book can be read either as a practical toolkit that provides the nuts-and-bolts on how to rethink your professional life or as a collection of narratives about experiences your peers have had going through what you’re going through now.  And don’t worry that the book takes a sappy self-help approach to career advice, because it’s written in a smart, conversational, and casual way that’s neither rah-rah nor an invite to a pity party.  However you like your advice, it’s going to help you brainstorm and give you ideas about career paths you might not have considered.

More about the book, after the jump…