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Making a list: The most cited scholars in the humanities, 2007

"Foucault Party" by Primitivojumento (licensed by Creative Commons)

Over at the Chronicle‘s Brainstorm blog, gadfly professor and, somehow, one-time Post Academic commenter Mark Bauerlein has posted a list of the “Most cited authors of books in the humanities in 2007”, compiled by a dauntingly named Thomson Reuters’ ISI Web of Science.  Here’s a link to the list, originally posted at the Times Higher Education Supplement last year, charting which scholars were mentioned over 500 times in the journals compiled by Thomson Reuters.  Only in the humanities would a list of citations from 2007 released in 2009 make news in 2010, but I digress.  Hey, it’s worth reposting and discussing if only because we get to use the Wikimedia Commons picture of a “Foucault Party” (with Freud and Bourdieu too) above.

So who won?  Check below the jump, though the photo gives you a big hint…