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Full disclosure: I got a job!

Posted in First Person by Arnold Pan on July 6, 2010
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Since this blog is about how Ph.D.-types might seek out different professional possibilities, whether it’s dealing with the frustrations of trying to get on the tenure track or finding something that might be better suited to you than the initial path on which you started, I figure that it’s not too much of a self-indulgence  to let y’all know that I started my first post-Ph.D. job last week!  While I’m gonna be as discreet as possible about the actual job itself, I wanted to let you readers–especially the long-time, old-school followers–know about it, in case anyone’s actually following my mini-saga and if for no other reason than to let folks who might be in similar situations know that it’s possible to find work that’s fulfilling, despite the hardships and obstacles of finding academic work (or really any kind of employment these days).  This isn’t to say that the advice I’ve given about how to seek out and find a job necessarily works like magic, although I would say that you should listen to Caroline, because I did and it helped me out immeasurably.

Enough with the preamble already.  Here’s the dish on the job: I’m working as the Assistant Editor of Amerasia Journal based at UCLA.  I call it my first “post-Ph.D. job” because it’s, of course, not post-academic at all, since I’m using pretty much all the skills I attained while earning my doctorate and I’m working for an academic institution.  It’ll also be an opportunity to learn about academic publishing from the inside, which should be quite an education for me.

Since academic publishing has been one of the topics that Post Academic readers are most interested in, I thought this might also be an opportunity to get some input from people reading this on what possible innovations–online or otherwise–you’d like to see to supplement traditional print media.  If you have particular suggestions, sites/journals you think are good examples of the genre, and/or other interesting online publication formats you’ve seen, please pass them along to me and to the other followers of the blog, because I imagine folks might be intrigued in seeing what’s happening right now in publishing.

Anyway, I wanted to pass along my good news to the followers of Post Academic and to also thank you for helping me get to this point.  Without starting the blog, working on it, and interacting with you, I don’t think I’d be in this position.  To our regular readers,  Caroline and I will still be posting on the blog regularly, gearing up for the fall as well as coming up with (hopefully) some fun surprises until then.

Now it’s time for me to jump in off the computer and into my car to get on the 405!  Thanks, everyone!