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Setting Up Interviews You Don’t Want to Have

Posted in Absurdities by Arnold Pan on December 7, 2010
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"No cellphones Southside Place TX," by WhisperToMe (Public Domain)

You’d think the hard part was actually doing the interview — but, if you assumed that, you haven’t been reading Post Academic for long enough!  Because those of you have would know that I’m the sort of person who even has trouble setting up the interview when I get ’em.  Basically, I learned my lesson to just let any calls from unfamiliar area codes in early December go to voicemail.  For someone who’s not great at thinking/talking on my feet, it gives me time to gather myself and collect my thoughts.  And since I’m paranoid, it also gives me confirmation that what I heard was true, that I got the interview in the first place.  Better yet is corresponding by email, since it’s all in writing.

I only learned these lessons from some awkward experiences that left me nervous and antsy after I actually succeeded in getting the interview….

Driving ‘n Calling: In a lot of place now, you can get a ticket for driving and calling.  But before they made a law about that, I used to make calls while I was in the car and I don’t think I was so much of a menace.  One call I wish I didn’t take while I was driving, though, was an interview request, which ended up being the one that I had to hike up the stairs to get to.  What happened was I received a call from an unknown area code and decided to answer it because of the curiosity factor; I had just received another interview request earlier in the day, so I couldn’t leave well enough alone.   Of course, it was just what I wanted, except I was even more flustered answering the call than I would’ve been because I was on the road.

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