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Best Post/Academic Perks

One of the great perks of working at UCLA has been the rotation of hip, tasty food trucks serving up lunch, which definitely beats whatever the regular food mall fare available at most campuses.  Plus, there’s the advantage of having most of the best trucks come to campus, rather than having to chase ’em around town on Twitter.  Thinking about a week of lunches that consists of “Great Food Truck Race” juggernaut Nom Nom, L.A. institution Canter’s, and my personal fave The Grilled Cheese Truck — mmm…a sandwich stuffed with mac’n’cheese and BBQ pulled pork!–got me thinking about what my favorite perks to campus life have been since I went to college.  I’m sure I forgot a bunch of things, but here are some of my favorite examples of getting a little somethin’, somethin’ to make up for being a poor grad student.

"Kogi line" by Arnold Gatilao (Creative Commons license)

Lifetime Learning Tax Credit: I think this deal started up around the time I began grad school in the late 1990s, though maybe I’m imagining that because I wasn’t aware of it before then?  Anyhow, this always seemed to be too good of a deal, giving us grad students a nice tax credit on tuition.  I won’t say any more–I’m scared of the IRS!–but, if you’ve gotten that little scrap of the 1098-T and used it, you probably know what I mean.  Suffice it to say that everyone asked everyone else every early April about what to do with Tax Form 8863 because it seemed too good to be true!  But as lit scholars, there was always a way to read the instructions to justify applying for the Lifetime Learning Credit, even when you weren’t quite sure if you really, really could.

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