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After all these years: Reconnecting with faculty

Posted in Process Stories,Surviving Grad School by Arnold Pan on July 13, 2010
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"A handshake" by Dan Beard (public domain)

Remember how we wrote up a mid-summer Choose-Your-Own-Adventure checklist as a healthy reminder of what you should/could be doing to make the most of your dwindling block of dissertating/research time?  We should’ve included that you need to stay in touch with your diss committee and faculty mentors.  We know it’s easy for academics to reverse-hibernate during the summer, but it’s a good idea to stay in contact with folks and even follow up with faculty you’ve lost touch with.  And it’s never too early to plan ahead for the upcoming round of job applications, so stay in prime networking shape, while you’re also getting what you’re supposed to be doing done.

Here’s what got me to think about how easy it can be to reconnect with your faculty whom you might have dropped out of touch with: Recently, I ran into a prominent prof in my field whom I hadn’t seen for a few years, as well as another faculty member whom I only know on a personal level at a talk.  Not only did I have a good chat with them, but they were in fact warmer to me than ever before.  This may have been due to the occasion, but I almost felt like they felt like they were seeing an old friend when we were catching up–although I didn’t tell them about my post-academic plans!  The interactions put things about my relationships with mentors and former teachers into a new perspective for me.

Memories can be strong: I mean this in two ways.  First, like I mentioned above, good impressions can carry a long way, and remembrances of things past can end up feeling warmer over time.  Second, give credit to your faculty boosters for having good memories, rather than assuming that they’re just absent-minded professors.  And give yourself some credit, because you probably did something good in a seminar or while TA’ing with a prof to make your faculty booster think of you fondly.

More about keeping in touch with your profs, below the fold…