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The sad, impending demise of my .edu account

Posted in First Person,Surviving Grad School by Arnold Pan on March 30, 2010
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Earlier this month, I received a message that my email account “is set to expire” on April 1.  Practically speaking, it’s no big deal, since I switched my primary account to a different account a few years ago in anticipation of just this event.  And actually, I should’ve been cut off much sooner, even with the postgraduation grace period, but lecturing the past few years at UCI gave the .edu account a lifeline.

Symbolically, it probably means something more–I wouldn’t be shocked if I received a few more rejection letters as my April Fools surprise!  I’ve had some sort of .edu account for almost my whole virtual life (I used telnet for who knows how long!), and this particular one would be getting ready to go to high school soon.  But having the .edu address is something of a badge of honor for the academic lifer, since it represents a sense of belonging you can’t get with a .com or a .org.

A sampling what I’ll be missing out on starting Thursday is below the jump…