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No One Describes Grad Student Life More Accurately Than The Onion

Posted in Absurdities,Surviving Grad School by Caroline Roberts on October 9, 2010
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I recently came across this delightful tidbit from “The Onion.” As usual, the satire captures the truth better than any straightforward report:

A routine toothbrushing turned into a profound exercise in nightmarish, existential horror Monday, when poverty-stricken Columbia University graduate student Marc Edelstein, 24, came across “the most gigantic cockroach this side of Gregor Samsa” in the bathroom of his one-room, walk-up efficiency.

Another quotation describes the grad-school condition in general:

“Every day, I can’t believe I am living in that apartment. The humiliations society forces me to undergo, just to get my stupid Ph.D, defy all rational, intellectual thought.

What’s the worst you had to go through to achieve your graduate degree? Please share in the comments. I left before I could look the cockroach in the eye, so to speak, but I remember several long nights of part-time catering. When the tips for slinging mashed potatoes and BBQ sauce paid better than my job as a TA, I really started wondering if the universe wasn’t playing a joke on me.