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Choose your own adventure: Your summer is slipping away!

Posted in Absurdities,Surviving Grad School by Arnold Pan on July 2, 2010
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You are probably not at a computer reading this post, since you’re probably stuck in traffic or on a plane or on a staycation to already where you’re headed for July 4th weekend.  But if none of the above apply and you’re sweating it (figuratively) over every day that slips away that was supposed to be productive–and wasn’t.  For any of you in that situation, we’re here for you.  So take stock of your summer, “Choose your own adventure”-like…

"Dinner Fork in the Road" by ONUnicorn (Creative Commons license)

Step 1: Do you have enough money to make it through summer?

Unless you live somewhere where you can live 12 months on 9 months of salary/stipend, you probably need a summer job.  Maybe that gig might be one of those half-the-time, double-the-work summer school jobs where you give up part of your summer, but preserve the rest of it for whatever you need to do, whether that’s work or R&R or some combo of both.  If you’re working almost full-time at the SAT study center (like Caroline and I have), you might be too fried right now to think about researching on your downtime, but you probably want to get your act together at least a little bit soon.  If these situations describe you, proceed to Step 2.

If not, get off the computer and find a classmate who needs a sub for that SAT class while s/he is on vacation.

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