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Breaking the Academic Stereotype: Professor as Crimefighter, Asskicker

Any time you hear one of those tired stereotypes about lazy, booze-swilling, skirt-chasing, freeloading professors, simply bookmark this post, and pull up this image:

Yes, that’s a professor who is fighting crime. Journalism professor Kim Komenich, who teaches at San Jose State, caught a perp in a bear hug before he could rob a bank. Kudos to you, professor, for doing us all a favor and proving that, yes, professors do much more than drone on about obscure matters. In their off-hours, they fight crime!

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This action has probably increased Professor Komenich’s “hot pepper” rating, and one commenter at the Chronicle of Higher Ed labeled him “the new hottest man in academe.”

Professor Halts an Apparent Robbery in Progress — With a Bear Hug [Chronicle of Higher Ed]

Crime-in-progress/perp photos wind up released to the masses courtesy of the police department. All charges against the person in the bear hug are alleged until proven under law.