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Holidays on an academic schedule (with poll!)

"Thanksgiving Postcard circa 1900" (Public Domain)

Watching some of the “news” about Memorial Day traffic got me thinking about academic schedules again, something we covered way, way back.  For many, Memorial Day doesn’t really count as a day-off holiday, since those of you on semester schedules have already started your summer vacations–lucky you!  I’ve only ever been in a quarter system as an undergrad and a grad student, so the last Monday of May has always been a day to look forward to, whether as a chance to tie up loose ends at the end of the term or catch up on school work right before finals week.  The only thing to look out for with Memorial Day is that it can lull you into a false sense that summer’s already here and get in the way of finishing the school year on a strong note.

So maybe everyone in the Hamster World might think academics live in a state of arrested development, but you know they’ve gotta envy the nerds for having a few months of summer vacation and spring break.  Then again, the academic’s flexible time also means you end up grading or writing or grading or researching or grading at times a lot of other folks aren’t in the office, since there’s no boundaries between work hours and after hours.  Holiday days can magnify the academic’s inability to compartmentalize.  Below the fold, I rank the holidays on an academic schedule, in reverse order…