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Live Blogging (kinda) James Franco at the Oscars

Posted in Absurdities by postacademic on February 27, 2011
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You didn’t think we’d miss out on the opportunity to live blog — as best we can, at least — about James Franco at the Oscars, or at least anything related to his adventures as a Ph.D. student.  Here’s what we’ve caught of the coverage so far…

5:00 PM (west coast time): James Franco does a promo interview in some kind of fake bar setting, talking about his hosting duties.  The interviewer asked him what is was like spending the last two weeks prepping for the broadcast, when he quickly corrects that he has only been here for the weekends because of…wait for it…class!  So that’s the first mention of grad school, for any of you playing James Franco drinking game.  The ha-ha banter continues, with something about taking an Oscars class and acing it, though Franco does flash some self-deprecating humor to the random correspondent about getting a B+.

What are odds that we’ll hear about Yale during the monologue?

5:45 PM: What, no grad school jokes so far?  What a let down…

6:45 PM: I’m getting hungry waiting for some grad school jokes.  I have to say, though, that Franco is pretty good, much better than the trying-too-hard Anne Hathaway, imho.  He’s got that too-cool-for-seminar thing down pat.

6:55 PM: He gave a shout-out to nerds–does that count?

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  1. James said,

    Nice! I’m watching too…bust a Yale joke James!

    James from

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