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Test Responses That Will Drive You to Drink

Posted in Absurdities by Caroline Roberts on January 1, 2011

My parents are pro-Post-Academic living, and they often send me reminders of why I left the profession. (My dad taught high school and quit, too, so I guess it runs in the family. To his credit, Dad was cool and never said, “I told you so.”) An email chain is going around with some hilarious test responses that are so painful it makes me wonder if these students aren’t secret geniuses … or if these test responses were done by comedy writers. Anyway, a few goodies from my dad that might tempt you to have a little more New Year’s bubbly:





2 Responses to 'Test Responses That Will Drive You to Drink'

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  1. Anthea said,

    Ahhhhhh these are so bad!

  2. I confess I kind of like the smartass reply to ‘expanding the equation’.

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