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Until Worst Prof Ever, The Series becomes a reality…

…this xtranormal video “So You Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities” (below) will have to suffice.  It was tipped to us by one of our oldest and best blog friends Gradland, and I’ve noticed since that it has been slowly but surely popping up on many a Facebook status update.  The thing really speaks for itself, but the video really picks up at about the 1 minute 15 sec mark, when the prof tells the student, “I’m tempted to throw you out of this office, that I share with four other professors.”  Anyway, the four-and-a-half minute clip slams Harold Bloom, debunks the myth of flexible time, offers a perfect short-but-sweet explanation of the two-body-problem, and makes you fear a world with Tea Party overlords — and all of it is made better and more unnerving thanks to the robot voices that actually replicate an office-hour back-and-forth with eerie accuracy.  Basically, the mini tour-de-force might have just rendered Post Academic obsolete.

OK, I’m getting out of the way, but suffice it to say that we may have all been the student at some point in our lives, but we really wish we could be that professor at least once in our careers.

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  1. Eliza Woolf said,

    I laughed when I watched this film a couple days ago and then decided to try making one myself. These things are seriously easy to make. I’m not kidding! You two should try it.

    If you don’t believe me, check out the one I made last night to amuse myself:

  2. This is wonderful. It suggests that the ultimate revenge against a student you don’t like is to–gulp!–write the letter and send the student down the path of unfulfillment.


  3. Eliza said,

    I agree with you, Caroline. It’s sad but true. Just send the student down the path of unfulfillment and wish them well.

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