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Posted in Absurdities by postacademic on September 11, 2010

How many of you were nerding out on Labor Day and caught the “Star Wars” marathon on Spike?  (Or maybe it was the “White Collar” late-night fest on USA sometime that weekend?)  We’re asking because it’s likely you might have caught the ad for “,” a kind of bait-and-switch commercial trick for something called “Education Connection,” which is some kind of service that connects users to online and real colleges–maybe “” is coming next?  We’re not linking to it–see the title of the post–but we thought it was kinda hilarious.  And anyway, you can find all you need to know by doing a Google search for “,” which yields such chestnuts as a WikiAnswers entry on “Who is the girl in the commercial?” and Facebook group for “ Girl.”

The best discussion of “” was on a Yahoo!Answers deal, which probably started with a planted thread asking if anyone had tried it, which garnered the response: “All I can say about that is, put on some clothes and go to a real college.”  What I have to say about this is that the fine folks at Education Connection and the Yahoo! answerer must never have been to UC Irvine, because you don’t have to “attend” an online class to go to school in your PJs.  Seriously, pajamas might as well be the school uniform for finals week at UCI.

Hmm…maybe it’s time to buy the “” and the “” domain names.  Now those are visions you definitely don’t want to get stuck in your head.

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