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Welcome and vote in “Top Grad Student,” Round 3!

Posted in Absurdities by Arnold Pan on August 2, 2010

Wow!  Thanks to all the new readers checking out Post Academic today.  (And of course, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate our reliable followers the most, because we do!)  If you’re checking out the blog for the first time, please feel free to browse and also vote in Post Academic’s virtual/reality summer programming, “Top Grad Student”!  The comments section of our post today suggests there’s a lot of interest in the way grad students are perceived, so you might also be interested checking out the absurd premise for round 3 of our fake reality show contest here.

Just to explain a little bit here, we’re asking folks to vote in this installment for which hypothetical grad student, based on discipline, would be the best at networking and schmoozing.  So far, the voters have no confidence in Math grad student, and English and Life Sciences aren’t do so hot either.  We’ll tally up the votes to see who moves on, then post the next contest tomorrow: the convention interview round!

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  1. pukirahe said,

    Education is the only way to true and lasting prosperity.
    All branches of learning are important, but English is of the highest priority. It is now the main language of the Internet, the national language of many countries, the language of communication, commerce, science, technology, philosophy, religion….Most of new discoveries, inventions, theories…are expressed in English.
    So, it is necessary for all people, especially the children and youth, to take command of this instrument for further learning, searching and serving efficiently the peoples of the world in their daily life.

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