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Never Say We Don’t Take Care of Your Tummy

Posted in Surviving Grad School by Caroline Roberts on June 21, 2010
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If you are a regular reader, you know that we at Post Academic have a deep appreciation for free food, or at least cheap food. Arnold has devoted a whole post to the care and feeding of your grad student, and Adam Ruben, author of Surviving Your Stupid Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School, devotes much of his book to tips on finding free food.

Meanwhile, one PhD has taken the pursuit of free food to a whole new level and has turned it into a possible Post Academic Profession. Mike Prerau, a PhD in Neuroscience, began the Website the Food Monkey to share food deals with others. Eventually, the Food Network gave him a call.

Here’s his audition video, complete with free food tips for any academics, post academics, and lovers of free food in Boston:

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