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Broke-Ass Schools: Slap a Fark Tag on These Florida Universities?

Posted in Broke-Ass Schools by Caroline Roberts on April 21, 2010
Tags: , , , ,, repository of all that is goofy in the news, lets its site visitors submit stories from all over the Web and then tag them in some clever fashion, usually with “stupid,” “obvious,” or “Florida.”

Well, the following story definitely involves “stupid” and “Florida.” Some employees of Florida universities allegedly decided to go hog wild with the company credit card. Purchases made by some employees included the following:

–Weight Watchers books, labeled as “WWII books” (at least the initials were similar …)
–Xbox “gaming currency”
–CDs and DVDs, labeled as “soil and nutrients”

These types of indiscretions aren’t what put university systems in such dire financial straits, but they don’t make university employees look good when they ask for students to pay more money each year.

Credit card fraud, misuse found at 5 Florida universities []

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