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Post Academic Social Networking

Posted in Housekeeping by Caroline Roberts on April 19, 2010

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We’re currently engaging in a social networking spree. For those of you who are visiting after joining our Facebook fan page, welcome!

You can receive Post Academic updates via almost any format, except for carrier pigeon. Here are your options:

Twitter: The pretty blue Twitter button is at the right. Our handle is @postacademic.

Facebook: Join our Facebook fan page and say hello.

RSS: The big granddaddy of staying in touch with a Web site. You can access our RSS feed through the orange icon to the right or here, and you can load it to your RSS reader of choice: Google Reader, Bloglines, your Yahoo!/Google home page, what have you.

Daily Subscription: Okay, there’s only one format older than RSS, and that’s the daily newsletter. If you want updates delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe by clicking the “Sign Me Up” link to the right.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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