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A Blog All Grad Students Can Relate To

Posted in Absurdities,Surviving Grad School by Caroline Roberts on March 9, 2010
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(No, I’m not writing “A Blog to Which All Grad Students Can Relate.” I don’t feel like proper prepositions right now.)

If you are a grad student or an academic who wants a laugh, visit “Grad School Was Hard Today.” The subtitle is “UC Davis Creative Writers Posting on the Hardships of Grad School.” The best posts involve the personification of grad school:

… grad school was a fickle mistress, forcing me to define words like “mimesis” and “narrativity” (which is not a word, by the way, grad school), taking away my snack crackers, and tempting me towards the world of (legal) addictive amphetamines.

Grad school is mean! Somehow, thinking of grad school (or academia) as a being with arms and legs and heart (or lack thereof) makes it a little more tolerable. What other personifications can you add to grad school or academia? I think that grad school wears all black, but academia wears unnecessary scarves and shawls with tassels and loud patterns.  Grad school drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon or nothing at all, but academia drinks Riesling. C’mon, sweet readers–what else do you have?

Grad School Was Hard Today

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