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Non-Protesters Getting Involved in Day of Action

Posted in Broke-Ass Schools,The Education Industry by Caroline Roberts on March 4, 2010
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One reason I often hear for protests being ignored is that they usually involve the usual suspects: hippie longhairs, Socialist marching bands, and naked people. However, the Day of Action (Day of Action organization info from Arnold, below) appears to be drawing interest because so many people have been affected by the UC budget cuts. The NYT profiles two guys who fall out of the protest demographic:

Both are members of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and say they are usually uninterested in protests. But with friends having trouble getting into classes they need to graduate, the budget cuts are something worth fighting, they said.

This week, in one of Mr. Johnston’s classes, an African-American studies professor told students he could not pass out the usual handouts because he had run out of money for photocopies [emphasis mine]. Instead, students printed out the readings themselves.

Not able to graduate because the class you need got canceled? Can’t get an appointment with an advisor to avoid that kind of situation because there aren’t enough advisors to go around? Profs/TAs/adjuncts don’t have enough money for the copy machine? (Somebody’s got the secret code for the copy machine–share it!) Something’s clearly busted. Remind me why the administrators for these schools are so well paid again?

Arnold will be at the protests today, and we’ll be adding notes as we go.

Getting Ready to March Over Education Cuts – Bay Area Blog

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