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Call for Participants: March 4 Day of Action, coming to a campus near you

Posted in First Person,The Education Industry by Arnold Pan on March 4, 2010

Hi there!  Is anyone participating in any of the March 4 Day of Action events primarily in California, but also nationwide?  If so, feel free to post your thoughts and impressions of the rallies.  Since we’re just getting things kicked off here at Post Academic, that probably just means that I (Arnold) will be driving to UCI, paying $4/hr for parking, and reporting on what’s going on.

First, a very little bit of background if you’re not familiar with the Day of Action: On March 4, 2010, rallies have been planned at universities and colleges throughout California and the nation to protest crippling budget cuts to educational institutions and to raise awareness about how the awful economic conditions have impacted the most basic of operations at the university.  I might be biased in saying this, considering that I live in CA and attended a UC school, but  California is, at least symbolically, ground zero for identifying many of structural problems facing higher education, as home to two of the largest public university systems, the UC and Cal State systems, in the country.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty about the Day of Action, since others know a lot more about what’s going on and all the information is already online.  Below are some links that offer news on the Day of Action, as well as posts by organizations supporting the rallies.  Feel free to forward us links to post that you find particularly relevant, insightful, etc.

In solidarity!

News coverage:

California Readies for Day of Action [Huffington Post College section]

Find a rally:

March 4 Day of Action Map []

For more information:

A Time for Action; March 4 and Beyond [American Association of University Professors website]

UC Student Regent Jesse Cheng’s blog [] — A special plug for this blog, since the incoming UC Student Regent Jesse Cheng was a student of mine!

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