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Shocker: Academic Job Prospects Not Looking So Hot

Posted in The Education Industry by Caroline Roberts on March 1, 2010

So the results of the Humanities Departmental Survey are out, and they aren’t pretty unless you already have a job:

The survey also found less-than-rosy job prospects for the rising generation of scholars. Survey results indicate that a low turnover rate among faculty members, combined with hiring freezes at many institutions, mean fewer academic career opportunities for graduate students in the fields covered by the survey.

The lame job market right now might tempt you to go back to school … but think twice. Unless you can go back to school without accumulating debt (calling all patrons and trust funds), then you might want to keep sending out your resume. Even if you find yourself sitting on the sofa watching Judge Judy, you’re not accumulating as much debt as you would in grad school.

Humanities Remain Popular Among Students Even as Tenure-Track Jobs Diminish – Faculty The Chronicle of Higher Education

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