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For all of you who’ve had a cluelessly entitled student…

Posted in Absurdities by Arnold Pan on March 1, 2010

This email exchange between a NYU biz school student and Prof has been floating out there for a while now, but it’s a relevant post to archive here.  (Why it’s on Deadspin, the Gawker sports blog, is a mystery, though.)  One thing I learned from reading this is that the typical slacker undergrad might actually have more common sense than a haughty business school student: when you catch undergrads, say, texting or reading their email in class, at least they wait to complain anonymously on their student evals about whatever draconian policies to which they object, rather than directly emailing the prof.

No, I’m not writing from personal experience now, am I?

NYU Business School Professor Has Mastered The Art Of Email Flaming [Deadspin]

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  1. Caroline Roberts said,

    I used to edit business plan proposals for students at a certain unnamed business school. I can say with great confidence that an undergrad has more common sense. Love the prof’s reference to “revolutionary hair removal systems.”

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