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Wanna Fix UNLV’s Budget Problems? Start With the Football Team

Posted in The Education Industry by Caroline Roberts on February 28, 2010

The UNLV athletics department is facing scrutiny for its pampered employees: “27 six figure earners are from the department of Intercollegiate Athletics, including 11 assistant football coaches who combined earn over $1.2 million.”

So, what is UNLV getting for its assistant football coaches? In 2009, the Rebels had a losing record of 5-7. Their all-time record is average: 205-217. Meh. Is it really worth it to pour that much money into salaries if they can’t even win? If the argument is that athletics help boost admissions, then it doesn’t seem to be working for UNLV.

Slashing the academic budget might help the school in a totally unexpected way. Let the football team become tremendous losers, and then the school will get a nerdy, cult reputation, a la Northwestern, and the school might still attract applicants. With this plan, everyone’s a winner.

As Legislature Considers Higher Education Cuts, Assembly Members Weigh In On Six Figure Salaries at UNLV [Nevada News Bureau]

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